It's a bleak time for the human race..

At one point we thought we were alone in the universe, blissfully carrying on as if we were truly the apex predators ruling an exclusive world made solely for us. Those that were in the know guarded that secret jealously, keeping us safe from the knowledge that just on the other side of the stargate- just beyond the blinding star shine- was a universe full of enemies bent on our destruction.

We were caught flatfooted when the invasion came- when key players in our governments, our religious figures, our armies and educators were infiltrated by a race known as the goa'uld. Too late we realized that they had brought the war to us, and because of this 1/4 of the world was wiped out by a super virus. Those that remained had two choices: fight or die.

Stargate Cataclysm is about those that fought. The great minds and honed weapons that pulled themselves out of the ashes to stand against what's sure to be either the victory of the underdogs or the last great battle as humanity descends into the eternal night. Humanity's taken a beating for sure, but we're not out of the game yet.

The dreams of the broken are mightier than the wishes of the dead. ~Dodinsky

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