Deck Listing

Outbuilding - Transportation Hub · Outbuilding - Recieving · Outbuilding - 'Blue' Building · Outbuilding - 'Green' Building · Outbuilding - 'Red' Building · Outbuilding - 'Orange' Building · Outbuilding - The Dome · Subfloor One · Subfloor Two · Subfloor Three · Subfloor Four · Subfloor Five · Subfloor Six · Subfloor Seven · Subfloor Eight · Subfloor Nine · Subfloor Ten · Subfloor Eleven · Subfloor Twelve · Subfloor Thirteen

Outbuilding - Transportation Hub

Motor Pool (snow cat, big rig, truck, snowmobiles), Helipad, Three Heated Landing Strips (only one is typically activate), Motor Pool Officer’s Office, Vehicle Maintenance Bay, Parts Storage, fueling Depot

Outbuilding - Recieving

Loading Docks A-F, Visitor Lounge, Processing, Security Check Point A, Screening Rooms, Clinic, Mail Room

Outbuilding - 'Blue' Building

Above Ground Storage, Environmental Lab 1-3

Outbuilding - 'Green' Building

Temporary Above Ground Quarters, Automat/Cafeteria, Stand By/Scramble Lounge/Berths, Common Area, Showers

Outbuilding - 'Red' Building

External Communications Hub, External Dish Control, Monitoring

Outbuilding - 'Orange' Building

Homeworld Command Satellite Office, Conference Suites, Offices

Outbuilding - The Dome

Elevator Banks, Security Checkpoint B, Upper Administration

Subfloor One

Administrative, Records, Information, Holding Area Lounge, Staff Offices, Secure Communication Hub

Subfloor Two

Mass Holding Area, Maintenance Offices, Unsecured Storage, Manufacturing Facilities, Workshops

Subfloor Three

Base Power Plant and Grid, Greenhouse A, Heated Storage

Subfloor Four

Air and Water processing, Greenhouse B, Cold Storage

Subfloor Five

Secondary Elevator Banks (The main surface line only runs to this point), Security Checkpoint C

Subfloor Six

Base Personnel Quarters, Gang Showers

Subfloor Seven

Senior Staff Offices, Armory, SG Team Offices, Secured Storage

Subfloor Eight

Science Labs, Archaeology/Anthropology Labs, Research & Development, Vault & Relic Storage

Subfloor Nine

Infirmary, Medical Labs, Quarantine Cells, Morgue, Stasis Pods, Brig, Security Offices, Training Center Course

Subfloor Ten

Mess Hall, Kitchen, Various Isolation and Recreational Rooms, Wardroom, Interfaith Chapel

Subfloor Eleven

Gym, Pool, Track, Sports Courts, Range, Base Exchange, Equipment Requisitions, Main Armory

Subfloor Twelve

Subfloor Twelve – Briefing Rooms, Conference Rooms, Data Centers 1-3, Secured Storage, Diplomatic Suite, VIP Quarters

Subfloor Thirteen

Embarkation Room, SG Team Lockers,, Gang Showers & Staging Rooms, Operations CIC, Monitoring, Drone Storage, Astronavigation