The Sim

Stargate Cataclysm operates on an alternate timeline (Click here for the full read). In short, by 2003 Earth was infiltrated heavily by the goa’uld and their followers, leading not only to the destruction of two of the three Terran stargates, but the annihilation of ¼ of the Earth’s population through plague. No longer able to hide from the eyes of the world, humanity fought back tooth and nail.

Homeworld Command took back the final gate at great cost in the hopes that control of the final gate would turn the tide, only it was too little, too late. What had come before was only the tip of the iceberg. The goa’uld were coming en force to retake the Earth as their own, and what was left of the Stargate Program was the last line of defense. Through recruiting, bribing, blackmail and other nefarious means, the nations of the world offered up their best and brightest in an effort not only to free the world of its existing goa’uld infestation, but protect it from the looming threat of armies building quietly on the horizon.

Upon being recruited/chosen for the project, prospective candidates are put through a rigorous battery of tests to prove their capabilities and breaking points before continuing on. They’re separated from the families, colleagues, friends: anything that they once knew and shipped off to one of the heavily guarded installations scattered around the world to work on projects in secret. Those headed to the Antarctic base are flown in through Christchurch, NZ or shipped in via guarded naval vessel to McMurdo AFB. From there, they make the long trek to Dome Argus where the last remaining Stargate lies fourteen feet underground in a heavily guarded facility.

From the exterior the Antarctic Base is rather unimpressive. A single large dull gray dome dotted with small outbuildings which sits at the top of the ice shelf like a small crown. It houses the first line of base defenses. There are visitors quarters, vehicle pool, landing strip, helipad, an administrative and small medical area, as well as the terminal for four subterranean elevator banks that lead down into the main body of the base. The elevators travel roughly 2,800 meters to reach the first floor built within the subglacial mountain range. Those wishing to go below ground must first pass multiple security checkpoints then a medical examination any time they enter the base regardless of the ID or clearance.

Each outbuilding, the Dome and every subfloor has its own arms locker, maintenance areas, fire control systems and lock down capability. The Dome has the most obvious physical defense, with the entirety of the front antechamber narrowing into an armored chokepoint and a staging ground. Beyond that is another armored wall with doors on the far side which lead back to the offices and elevators.