Specifications - Argus Antarctic Base


The Argus Dome is the last-ditch base of the people of Earth in the event of a cataclysmic event. Built to house the secondary gate found in the arctic, it has operated on a skeleton staff until recently. Now it is the last hold-out for humanity against the Goa'uld threat.


Location Argus Dome, Antarctic
Role Reserve base for Star Gate Command
Floors 14


Base Personnel 200
Support Personnel 300
Emergency Capacity 2000 (For three months)

Weapons & Defensive Systems

Weapon Systems 6 Anti-Air Emplacements (camouflaged) at regular intervals around the base.
6 Anti-Infantry emplacements close to the perimeter of the main building.
1 Wide Range EMP device (Last Ditch Effort)
Armament Reinforced Bunker System
Blast-Resistant Doors and Walls

Auxiliary Craft

Ground Vehicles 6 x Snowcats
6 x Snowmobiles
2 x 18-wheeler, all-weather rigs
2 x Half-track trucks, armed (.50 caliber mounted guns)
Air Support 2 x Fighter Jets (Various designs)
1 x Hercules Heavy
5 x F-302 fighter-interceptors