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Stargate Cataclysm FAQ

Q: Where is the last remaining stargate located?
A: The Antarctic Base is located in East Antartica in an ice dome called Dome A or Dome Argus. It’s elevation in 13,422 ft above sea level atop a massive ice sheet 2,400 m deep that rests atop the Gamburstev Mountain Range. Due to an uncommonly dry and calm weather pattern year round (receiving only 1-3 cm of snow per year and very little wind), it was formerly the key spot to drill ice sample in the Antartic. It is also known as the coldest naturally occurring place on Earth with a standard winter temperature of near -80°C (-112 °F).

Q: What are the closest inhabited areas to the facility in order of distance?
A: -Kunlun Astronomical Research Station (China) Dome A
-Druzhnaya 4 Antarctic Expedition (Russia, Summers only) in Princess Elizabeth Land
-Law-Racovita Science Research Station (Romania, biochemistry, biotechnology, pharmaceutical, hydrological, limnological, medical research, meteorology, astro-climactic, bioprospecting, ecological, seismic, geomagnetic and radio research) in Princess Elizabeth Land
-Dome Fuji (Valkyrie) Research Station (Japan) glaciology, polar studies on Dome F
-Taishan Polar Research Station (China, Summer), 20 man in Princess Elizabeth Land
-Zhongshan Polar Research Station (China, on Prydz Bay, 85 man, glaciological, geological, atmospheric sciences) in Princess Elizabeth Land
-----Other Key Bases in Antarctica are:
-Amundsen-Scott South Pole Station (USA) geophysics, astrophysics, astronomy, glaciology, meteorology, upper atmosphere physics, biomedical in the geographical south pole
-Belgrano II Science Base (Argentina) meteorology, astronomy, seismology, geomagnetisim, riometry, geodesy) in Coats Land
-Concordia Science Station (France/Italy Coop) biology, glaciology, astronomy, deep space biology analogue on Dome C
-Mario Zucchelli Research Station (Italy) offshore marine biology, terrestrial biology, oceanography, geomagnetic observations, geodesy, onshore geology, glaciology, meteorological observations, cosmic ray observations, solar studies, seismology, environmental monitoring on Terra Nova Bay
-McMurdo Station (US) F-302 squadron, polar search and rescue, heavy construction, space communication, avionics, cosmic observation, energy research on Ross Island (It is also the largest above ground base in the Antarctic)
-Rothera Research Station (Britain) climate change, evolutionary sciences

Q: Did any of the TV show or movie staff survive?
A: No. Simply put, this alleviates the need to portray a well know character to any person’s specifications. This also allows you as the players a greater control of the story and the spotlight as you- in character- will be the shining star of the story, not following in anyone else’s footsteps or trying to share a spotlight with NPC megastars with all of the answers. If a character was posted at an off-world site, a different character will have replaced them. Framework for NPCs will be listed on the manifest.

Q: Is there an Atlantis or other off world sites?
A: There is no Atlantis. Out of the three other alpha sites established within the Milky Way, only one has survived and this is located on P4X-650 roughly 640 light years from Earth. It is similar to Earth as it has only one moon and supports similar flora and fauna. The site is being converted into the first of what will be several evacuation points should the Earth be taken. Beta site is the secondary off-world base on P3X-984. Comparatively, it is a much smaller installation on a decidedly alien world. Until recently it was maintained only by a skeleton crew as a storage facility. Gamma site is a mostly subterranean facility on P3R-634, 24,000 light years away from Earth. The gamma site is used mostly for scientific research and a holding facility for found relics/technology/specimens deemed too dangerous to be brought to Earth. Plans are in motion to start preparing several other sites for colonization just in case.

Q: What about Stargate Universe?
A: It never happened in this timeline.

Q: What about the X-303 or Deadelus-class ships?
A: The tau’ri currently have four space-faring ships at their disposal based off of the X-303 design, though only two are complete enough to have interstellar travel capabilities. The Hyperion and the Thrasos are light battle cruisers similar to the destroyed Prometheus. The Daedelus was never built. A massive shipyard has been built in Siberia to churn out more vessels, though the focus first is to have enough ships in system to act as a blockade should the goa’uld invasion come from space. The creation of a third hyperdrive capable ship is a little far off even with the help of the Asgard. The Earth also has produced a large number of F-302 fighter-interceptors to be kept on Earth, many of which are housed on the Achilles and the Ajax in Earth orbit. On Earth facilities for the F-302 reside at the Koryak Mountains Shipbuilding Facility in Siberia, Hamel AFB in Newfoundland, RAAF Base Edinburgh, Australia and McMurdo Research Station in Antarctica.

Q: How much ancient/alien technology does the Earth still have on hand?
A: Between the bottomless holding facilities under Area 51 and off-world facilities like the Beta and Gamma site, the tau’ri didn’t lose everything that the SGC brought back. They still have a wealth of alien technology, as well as a great deal of reverse-engineered technology that is being rushed through the testing stages.

Q: What role will the NID play?
A: The NID is still in play and still just as questionable. All ties to the group that took the Antarctic are, of course, denied.

Q: With the goa’uld having infiltrated Earth already, how much of the game will be based on Earth?
A: Between ½ and 1/3rd of the game will be based on Earth. Whether it stays that way will revolve greatly around the in-story actions of the players.

Q: Do I have to play a soldier?
A: No. Though all characters will have had training to both help them defend themselves and their team, as well as operate within a team, you can play a wide variety of character archetypes. If one isn’t on the site that suits your needs and you come up with a great story that fits the genre, I’ll gladly add it to the roster for you.

Q: May I play an alien?
A: Not at this time. As this is a battle for Earth, I want the characters to be human.

Q: May I play a survivor from SG 2-10?
A: Only as a non-canon character with a really great plot hook.

Q: May I build a direct link into a canon character as a child/wife/lover/close friend/cousin/neighbor/etc.?
A: Nope. All characters must be original and not tied to the old cast. If you want to say that you knew of them, had met them, was inspired by them: sure, but that’s the extent permitted for PCs.

Q: May I play a base staff character?
A: No. All base staff characters will be NPCs or PNPCS to ensure that the field teams are the ‘stars of the show’.

Q: What is the player cap per team?
A: Each team will consist of six players. This ensures that even if two players go on LOA that the game won’t freeze completely up.

Q: When the first team fills up, will a second open?
A: Yes. Each team will operate independently.

Q: May I play on multiple teams?
A: Yes. To work around the nova issue, subsequent characters are listed as NPCs. If you have a team leader character, you must make that character the PC.

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