Important Tau'ri Locations

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Area 51

Also known as Nellis Air Force Base and the Groom Lake facility, Area 51 is acts as a giant lab and holding facility for the SGC. Since the influx of goa'uld, they've tripled security and turned their focus almost extensively to the study of alien artifacts, weapons and technology, or more specifically reverse engineering it and providing practical applications for it. Contrary to popular belief, Area 51 has never had an alien detained, autopsied or otherwise imprisoned there.

Alpha Site P4X-650

The last of the remaining Alpha sites has been nicknamed Stonehaven because of the craggy granite mountains. The world is unpopulated by any sentient life forms, though the flora and fauna greatly resemble Earth.

Gamma Site P3R-634

This site has a striking mix of violet skies, feathery neon clouds and rocky terrain. The housing structure is a series of shake and bake metal hangar-style outbuildings that create a series of living areas and labs. The site was originally chosen as a warehouse for SG finds too dangerous to house on Earth, but has recently been tested capable of supporting human life on a larger level, leading to the construction and implementation of seed banks, more permanent housing and a functional command post.

Koryak Mountains Shipbuilding Facility, Siberia

Housed in far eastern Siberia between formidable, inhospitable mountains is the home for the new facility that builds all of Earth's interstellar craft. Once assembled and tested, those craft are sent out to three other rallying points to stand at the ready in case of attack.

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-Hamel AFB, Newfoundland
-RAAF Base, Edinberg
-McMurdo AFB, Antarctica

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