Orientation: Attendance Mandatory

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Welcome to Argus Base

Since many of you aren't used to operating on a Q level classification, this packet was put together to familiarize you with your rights, responsibilities and restrictions for your time aboard this base. As a part of a stargate team, you are granted level Q clearance to the top secret Antarctic facility levels one through thirteen. Level fourteen is restricted to monitored off world embarkations and arrivals only. Due to the sensitive nature of the program , it's locations, operatives, etc., the following rules apply.

1. You are not allowed to speak about the premises, program or and persons participating in the program. All outbound communication will be recorded, screened and then delivered to the appropriate parties unless cleared by Administration. All personal calls must be screened. All incoming messages are also screened. As far as the rest of the world is concerned, you are working on a top secret program in Prague. Any violations of this rule will result in a three month contact ban.

2. You are not allowed to leave the premises without expressed permissions from base command. Trips to McMurdo AFB and other approved facilities are available to be scheduled on a month by month basis.

3. Currently all leaves are cancelled.

4. Mail drops and catalog orders arrive every other months on the second Wednesday of the month. Screened outgoing packages and letters must be delivered no later that 10 AM that day at the BX.

5. Pay and order allowances are to be discussed with no one other than your assigned base administrator.

6.) Lab equipment, requisition requests and other pertinent gear put through the requisitions officer and subsequently approved will not be taken from your pay unless negligently damaged.

7.) Failing to maintain secrecy or detouring from the parameters of on-world missions will result in disciplinary actions an/or charges of treason.

8.) You will be assigned your own quarters, office and lab if required.

9.) Any personal assets such as property and vehicles will be considered covered by an umbrella clause by the military of your country. No properties may be seized, sold, considered lapsing on payment or insurance for your duration in the program.

10.) You are permitted to name three beneficiaries for lump sum payments in the event of your death for twenty-five years. Should you die off world or in any means that pertains to the program, your cause of death will be listed as a training accident.

11.) Should an X Level event occur, you may name up to five individuals to be collected and evacuated to off world sites provided that they have passed a Quietus screening and have tested negative for any level three infectious diseases. Animals may not be listed.

12.) Snow mobiles and other motor pool resources are not for 'off-roading it'.

13.) Not all base personnel have a Q level clearance. If you are caught allowing a lesser clearance individual into a level lower than five, disciplinary actions will be taken.

14.) Any travel above level five will require a medical screening before being allowed entrance back into the main facility.

Please bring any questions to the administrative team for further elucidation.

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