The Quietus Plague

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Initially described as a virus, the Quietus Plague was actually a goa'uld made prion that mutated uninhabited humans. Unlike the prions found on Earth, the symptoms evolved beyond neurological to alter the hosts vascular and cardiovascular systems. The illness runs its course over eight to twelve weeks depending greatly on the hardiness of the patient and the treatments available.

Transmission Vectors

-Contaminated Bodily Fluids
-Contaminated Food and Water
-Contaminated objects (needles, syringes)

The incubation period of Quietus made the carriers completely undetectable without blood work. In several cases, the transmission vectors were wrongly named by the news media, blaming livestock animals, mosquitos and tainted water supplies. Outside of the body, the virus can only survive for roughly twenty-five minutes.


Week One: no symptoms - incubation stage
Week Two: low grade fever, headaches, difficulty sleeping, mood swings, depression, increased sinus discharge, sneezing, allergy-like symptoms
Week Three: mild neurological tremors, fatigue, joint pain, anxiety, insomnia, slurred speech
Week Four: visual disturbances, nausea, vomiting, seizures, severe fatigue
Week Five: hallucinations, weeping rash, enlarged lymph nodes, return of mobility and vitality
Week Six: delirium, enlargement of the liver, heightened cardiovascular output, bleeding from the nose, gums and tear ducts
Seven Week: blood vessels enlarge, moderate delusions, hair loss (Young children, elderly and people with compromised immune systems tend to slip into a coma and die nearing week eight due to organ failure.)
Week Eight: total hair loss, high fever, skin lesions, possible blindness
Week Nine & Ten: sustained fever, possible bleeding shock, vascular breakdown begins, insanity, possible hematogenic shock, possible death
Week Eleven & Twelve: continued vascular breakdown, coma, death

Patient Zero

Patient Zero was confirmed to be Katerina Especci; one of the former rogue NID agents that had inhabited the Antarctic base before it was retaken. She managed to spread the prions to six continents before her body deteriorated too badly to pass visual inspection and collapsed on the tarmac at Charles de Gaulle airport in France before boarding her private plane. The patient lived for another three weeks after being detained, two of them in a semi-coherent state where she raged about being the angel of death. Her final week was spent in a coma until her organs finally shut down.

The Treatment

A treatment for the Quietus Plague has been discovered, though it isn't considered a cure. The illness is halted from progression using the Jacobs-Ritner serum, leaving the patient in their current state of malaise indefinitely so long as the treatment is delivered on a monthly basis. It has been mistakenly reported as a cure for Quietus, when in actuality it is merely a stopgap. All infected patients are still sequestered away into quarantined towns or special facilities in anticipation of a global crisis that would halt production of the serum. In many countries, the serum is not accepted and the patients are immolated to reduce the risk of spreading the plague.

Quarantine Zones
Except for exclusion zones, these quarantine areas don't encompass the entire cities. Many cities have been mostly reclaimed. Quarantine Zones are typically fenced off, guarded and heavily monitored. Treatment centers are either border of these areas or are close by.

US: Atlanta, California Exclusion Zone(Los Angeles 120 mile radius), Chicago, Colorado Exclusion Zone (80 mile radius Colorado Springs), Florida/Georgia Exclusion Zone (Jacksonville 90 mile radius radius), Houston Exclusion Zone (30 mile radius), Memphis, Miami Exclusion Zone(40 mile raidus) Exclusion Zone, New York, Orlando, Philadelphia, Maryland/Virginia Exclusion Zone (40 mile radius Washington DC)

Asia: Ahmedabad, Bangalore, Bangkok, Beijing, Bombay Exclusion Zone (40 mile radius), Calcutta Exclusion Zone (60 miles), Chennai, Chongqing, Delhi, Dhaka, Guanzhou, Hong Kong, Hyderabad, Jaipur, Jakarta, Kolkata, Manila, Mumbai, Nagoya, Osaka, Pune, Seoul Exclusion Zone (20 mile radius), Shanhai, Shenyang, Shenzhen, Surat, Taipei, Tehran, Tokyo, Wuhjan

Europe: Berlin, Hamburg, Istanbul, Kiev, London Exculusion Zone (60 mile radius), Madrid, Moscow Exclusion Zone (45 mile radius), Munich, Naples, Paris, Rome, Saint Petersburg, Vienna

South America: Buenos Aires Exclusion Zone (40 mile radius), Caracas, Guatemala City, Lima, Medellin, Mexico City Exclusion Zone (city radius), Rio de Janeiro, Santiago, São Paulo

Africa: Alexandria, Cairo, Cape Town Exclusion Zone (40 mile radius), Casablanca, Dubai Exclusion Zone (90 miles), Durban, Johannesburg, Lagos, Nairobi, Port Said, Tanger

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