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Stargate Cataclysm runs on a divergent timeline from the TV show Stagate SG-1. The following timeline is provided to aid players in understanding the steps that brought us to current day 2004. All characters from the television show and movie are considered KIA or MIA.

In the beginning..

In 1994 the Giza stargate is moved to Cheyenne Mountain Air Force Complex near Colorado Springs, CO to be used in Project Giza. The USAF threw everything they could at cracking the chevrons, employing scientists and linguists, mathematicians and astronomers of all sorts at unlocking the ring, but it remained a mystery until 1996. Through the combined work of Samantha Carter, Catherine Langford and Daniel Jackson, seven of thirty-nine glyphs on the gate were solved.

The first Earth to Abydos gate was opened and a team led by Jack O’Neill went through with a device to destroy whatever was on the other side. The plan went awry when it was realized that the other side was inhabited by an enslaved people and their visiting goa’uld overlords. The bomb was used to blow up the goa’uld Ra and his starship, and O’Neill returned saying that the mission was successful.

The ruse lasted for a few years until another goa’uld- Apophis- activated and arrived through the gate, attacking the skeleton crew left behind at the mothballed silo that acted as the stargate’s holding facility within Cheyenne Mountain. At a loss to explain what was happening, Jack O’Neill and his remaining teammates were rounded up and again questioned about what really happened on Abydos.

Rather than let General Hammond send a new bomb through to destroy Abydos, O’Neill pleaded for a chance to take a team through and investigate. Saddled with a new team again, the colonel found Daniel Jackson and discovered that there was another chamber discovered on the desert world full of addresses to thousands of worlds, not just Abydos and Earth, using combinations of seven glyphs.

While on Abydos, Apophis attacked again, wounding a member of O’Neill’s team badly and kidnapping both Dr. Jackson’s wife and friend. They return to Earth with the addresses of numerous untold worlds, a mission in mind to rescue Jackson’s lost loved ones, and subsequently triggered the initiative that called for the formation of Stargate Command, or the SGC. SG teams (Sierra Gulf) one through nine were created, each tasked with different focuses and mission types.

Then it gets interesting..

The Giza stargate wasn’t the only one found on Earth. In addition to the Egyptian gate, one was found in Antarctica and one in Siberia. While the nations of the world ‘in the know’ started arguing over who would have control of/share/ultimately own these stargates, various rogue agencies and interloper units began running countermeasures to thwart any kind of peace brokered between the governments. The severity of the arguments carried the threat of war.

Meanwhile at the SGC, the NID had secretly pulled strings to maneuver Senator Kinsey into cutting funding to the SGC in an attempt to seize control of the program. Favors from everyone but various deities were called in to keep the program running. In the midst of all of this, a physics professor named Peter Walsh attemped to make the program public by announcing its presence at an international science convention in Prague. After being apprehended by the Russians and exposed as a lunatic, an in depth probe into his life offered no hints as to how he came about this information or if he had been tampered with. All that was found was a week of missing memories and a driving need to expose the program to the public to protect the Earth.

Unfortunately, Peter Walsh was only the first of several renown scientists suddenly coming forward over the following six months. Some with horrifying portents of future invasions from a space faring race known as the goa’uld, some with damning information about key military or political figures with ties to the program. Damage control was difficult, but the US spearheaded a cover story about a cult sect infiltrating the scientific community and brainwashing influential figureheads. At best the ploy was spotty and thin, buying only a few months of reprieve before the next shoe fell.

Out of the frying pan…

Project Quietus unfurled like an angry tempest. All at once the NID uncovered that not only had they infiltrated the Antarctic site, but that they discovered that the goa’uld had already infiltrated Earth. They named several world leaders among those infested, including the vice president of the United States, before declaring the Antarctic Plateau Dome Argus a restricted zone, stating that any who entered it would be executed on sight.

Investigation into the infested proved to be not only very true, but horribly public and was followed by rioting. The sudden disturbance in power in several countries, coupled with understanding that key governments knew of this threat- very nearly threw the planet into World War Three. Planes were launched, militias on the ready, warheads armed-

-Only a handful of factors stopped that from coming to fruition. The first being a plague that started in Atlanta, tracked back to a host woman who had formerly been employed at the Antarctic site that managed to knowingly spread the virus to five of the seven continents (Australia was quick to close their borders and miraculously spared) before being put down. A cure for the plague was discovered six months in, but not before decimating ¼ of the world’s population and permanently altering another 23% with incurable side effects ranging from moderate to severe (see Quietus Plague for details).

The second factor came in the form of an insurgency led by former General Tolvier Nacht, host to a goa’uld called Al’agar, and his cult who successfully destroyed the Siberian gate and most of its faculty from the inside out. Before anyone knew what was really going on or help could be sent, the entire facility had been reduced to a smoldering crater in the ground and the gate buried in a skyscraper’s worth of melted metal and seven floors underground.

Third, though not the least, was the formation of a special council that took over the former Homeworld Command protocol and expounded on it, giving a seat to the head of every nation and promises of global cooperation. Under the same name, this cabinet was founded on the back of a threat left by Al’agar that the goa’uld were returning to retake Earth. With only two gates left to work with, and no certain time frame, the threat of a full scale invasion became very, very real.

Into the fire…

On October 2nd, 2003 Cheyenne Mountain fell. To those on the outside it looked as if the mountain bloomed forth fire before collapsing in on its self, sending boulders flying and heat waves ripping out through the surrounding area, causing fires that raced through the peaks for days and days. There were no survivors from the building interior or surrounding grounds. The only clues as to what happened came in a series of recorded calls and messages relayed between a handful of people on site with Area 51 scientists, family members and off base personnel.

Surviving on-world crew were sequestered away in secret for nearly four months as information was combed over, casualties counted and the Homeworld Command hashed out what to do next. That turned out to be an all-out assault on Dome Aegis to reclaim the remaining known stargate on Earth. A week long bloody battle ensued between HC forces and the Beta Gate. Armed with not only the cutting edge finest that Earth had to offer, but a fair share of Area 51’s reclaimed relics from past off-world missions, HC forced their way into the base and took it by little more than the skin of their teeth. Very few of the NID agents remained unchanged, having been infiltrated as well and taken out from within, leaving more goa’uld and their faithful as opponents.

It took another month after that to ensure that the base was clean and clear and the gate untampered with, after which the detained SG officers were shipped to Antarctica (regardless of their cooperation at that point) and charged with rekindling the program from the bottom up. New hierarchy, new politics, new charges in their stead, life or death odds for the entire planet on their shoulders. They’re charged with finding a way to deter the goa’uld invasion or be the first line of defense should it come through.
No pressure.

Up to Speed

Just after the dawn of the new year of 2004, the Antarctic site was deemed complete with a full staff compliment. A host of newly trained recruits (drafted or otherwise) were mixed in with Cheyenne Mountain SG team members to form SG teams 11-15 (the previous 1-10 designations were retired in honor of the dead or missing).

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