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Standard All Member Off-World Base Kit

-Unmarked waterproof backpack
-2 standard sets of BDUs (black, sand, jungle or snow)
-Combat boots
-Baseball cap (matching BDUs)
-Load bearing harness and web belt
-Compass, magnetic and inertial
-Nebo O2 Beam 420 Lumen Tactical Flashlight
-Tactical deployment vest
-Tactical radio
-FN P90 standard sling with 60 rounds of ammo 5.7x28mm FMJ
-1 day’s worth of MREs
-Log book/scratch pad and pencil/pen
-Flare gun (5 flares)
-Utility or Combat Knife
- Glow sticks (5)
-50 zip ties
++specialty specific gear and personal effects (no identifying marks beyond name patch, dog tags, Earth/tau’ri patch, team designation patch)++

In addition, each team carries one GDO (Garage Door Opener). This handy device transmits a signal to the S.G.C. computer, identifying the SG unit so that the SGC can open the iris covering the Earth Stargate.

A GDO and iris code (a sequence of numbers that must be manually entered into the G.D.O.) is assigned to every member of every SG team. The codes can be altered if one of the devices is compromised. If a team is captured or too long overdue, their G.D.O.s are locked out of the system.

Portable Electronics & Gadgetry

-Ruggedized Laptop (4 hour battery life, 2 spare batteries)
-Ruggedized Digital Camera/Video Recorder
-SATCOMM Terminal (Earth Missions Only)
-GPS receiver (Earth Mission Only)

Unsorted Gear

-Tape Recorder
-Ruggedized PDA
-Radio Headset
-IR/UV goggles
-Wiley –X SG-1 Ballistic Spectacles
-Uvex XC Ballistic Spectacles
-Ruggedized Binoculars
-Climbing Kit [8 link with rappel 8, variable anchor strap, tactical rappel harness, ProTech screw-lock, ProTech manual-lock, Delta quick link, 7/16″ rescue lifeline – 150′, 7mm Prusik cord
– 10′ {2×5′}, 1″ Web – 40′ {2×20′}, edge guard – large]

Specialty Add Ons

- Archaeological Master Kit [WHS archaeology 4' 125mm trowel, margin trowel, line pins, plumb bob and line, small finds brushes, trowel and square, 3 x magnifiers glasses, 5m hand tape, pigskin gloves, Stanley high vis brushes, secateurs, Hand shovel 4' 125mm, soft hand brush, digital caliper, aluminum scale ruler, bone tools, 5cm photo scale, Battiferro small tools, tool roll and satchel]

- Combat Medic “Unit One Pack” [IV fluid and tubing, saline/sodium chloride, Hetastarch/Hextend, lactated ringers, 18, 16 & 14 gauge IV catheters, FAST 1 intraosseous infusion kit, CAT tourniquets, trauma bandages, Kerlix gauze, Hemcon bandages, Celox hemostatic agent, 14 gauge 3.25” catheter, Hyfin chest seal, nasopharyngeal airway tube, orophrharyngeal airway device, King LTD, Combitube, surgical cricothyrotomy kit, nitrile gloves, alcohol swabs, providine/iodine swabs, cravats, band-aids, assorted tape, coban, Ace bandages, assorted hypodermic needles and syringes, combat casualty cards, SAM sprint, Water Jel burn dressing, small sharps shuttle, trauma shears, safety pins, Morphine, various antibiotics, Narcan, Phenergan, epinephrine, acetaminophen, naproxen/ibuprofen, pseudoephedrine, guaifenesin, loperamide, pepto bismol tablets, Colace, stethoscope, blood pressure cuff, pulse oximeter, otoscope, ophthalmoscope, thermometer, Kelly hemostatic forceps, 5 1/2" straight sharp/blunt surgical scissors, 4 1/2" littuar suture-cut-ting scissors, 5" thumb dressing forceps, scalpel handle, suture set, sterile scalpel blades, Nebo Larry II 12 LED Work Light]

- Demolitions “SDK’ Kit [Crimpers, wire reels, electrical circuit test equipment, blasting machines, MK-152 Remote Control Firing Device {to give the capability of remotely firing electrical blasting caps at a nominal range of 2 to 5 kilometers}, blasting caps, detonators, cords, fuses, couplers, igniters, plastique, dynamite, C4, galvanometer, calculation tape, sealing compound, friction tape, Composition C, Composition C2, demolition chain block, demolition block, Hagensen pack, pole charge, Bangalore torpedo]

- EOD Field Kit [immediate action pouch {IAP}, remote In-extremis pull line kit {RIP Kit}, DET diagnostic kit {DDK}, manual access kit {MAK}, bit kit, pelican case 16201st line customized nylon pouch, 4in 1 screwdriver, 7” robogrip, microtorch, general metal reamer, Markal all surface marker, Ullman inspection mirror, Olfa stainless steel slide lock knife, ceramic bladed scissors, ceramic fixed blade knife , Vaughan mini-bar nail puller, Loctite epoxy, K2A non-conductive tweezers, Miltex insulated forceps, Miltex Potts-Smith insulated surgical scissors, non-conductive plastic spudger]

- Science Kit [portable field microscope, Bausch & Lomb Coddington field magnifier, stake flags, video borescope inspection camera, digital radiation meter, portable Geiger counter, Hanna Instruments Multiparameter test kits, portable micro lab burner, portable laboratory kit, sample collection kit, chemical analyzer, metal detector]

- Field Engineer [hammer, drill/driver, 2-1/2" circular saw, a reciprocating saw, a variable speed jig saw, two flashlights/spotlights, extension cords, blades and bits, solder kit, portable mini 1,000 watt generator, steel craftsman toolkit, hex key kit, nutdriver blade kit, multi-punch drive, various vice/plier/forcep, various fasteners/nails, bolts, screws, etc.]

- Sapper Field Kit [Gerber muti-pliers, tape measurer, folding saw, Leica laser range finder {LRF}, Insight thermal imaging camera {TIC}, Gerber multi-toolkit with magnetic socket kit, Ullman inspection mirror, Gerber mine probe kit, Delta tripper, mine marker flags, SCR-625 mine detector, red demolition chalk]

- Scout [thermal blanket, 1 bottle Elete oral rehydration salts, fishing kit, 40 feet snare/trip wire, Saw finger ring, tinder tabs, Ferro cerium rod, pliers, wire cutter, file, awl, water purification tablets, Kevlar 15 ft line, duct tape, 4x magnifying lens, hacksaw blade, ceramic razor, Kevlar thread, downrigger cable, navigation magnet, ruggedized binoculars, -IR/UV goggles]


FRED – (Field Remote Expeditionary Device) a self-propelled cargo transport unit useful for moving cumbersome supplies up to 1 ton. It moves at three miles per hour, but can push it to boogie at a brisk 5 miles per hour roll. The standard power cell lasts 6 hours.

UAV – (Unmanned Airborne Vehicle) a rocket launched, single engine drone that provides telemetry from the air. When launched from the embarkation room through the iris, it is able to map large swaths of terrain and send data back. If it is not collected, each drone is fitted with a self-destruct package.

MALP – Mobile Analytic Laboratory Probe – a first contact drone used to collect environmental and tactical data before a team is risked exploring a new world.

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